Mysterious Deaths


The fact the somebody wanted Carl Williams dead is not a mystery.  Who leaked the information to the press that VICPOL were paying his daughter's school fees is.  The implication was that Carl was a 'Dog,' a police informant.  The person/s leaking the information would certainly know that this would place Carl's life at risk.  The speed at which reprisal took place was swift. Rumours that Carl was about to lift the lid on corruption are circulating. Let's see if anything comes of this... don't hold your breath...

Mysterious Deaths

If the OPI can't make significant inroads into police corruption in Victoria, then there should be a wide ranging Royal Commission into corrupt cops and their links with the criminal underworld. Something that successive Victorian Governments have been reluctant to do. What are they afraid of? Actually discovering how intrenched corruption is in their State?


Mystery still remains concerning the disappearance of Sydney model and escort Revelle Balmain. Ms Balmain was only 22 when she was last seen on the 5th November, 1994 while she was working for Select Companions escort agency.  Revelle was a friend of Kim Hollingsworth who is soon to be featured in the latest series of Underbelly: The Golden Mile.

Detective Superintendent Geoff Beresford the Commander of the Homicide Squad is hopeful that the Unsolved Homicide Team can identify forensic evidence that may help solve the case.

If anyone has infomation that may assist in solving this case please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000