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Follow the link to view the interview of Deborah Locke with Grant Boyden discussing WATCHING THE DETECTIVES

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Underbelly: The Golden Mile.   We've got all the dirt on the gripping season finale. Who gets their comeuppance and who gets away with murder? We also speak to the real-life protagonists to find out what life is like for them now.  TV WEEK MAGAZINE JUN 26, 2010


Deborah Locke is the former NSW police officer whose allegations of misconduct in the force helped to spark the Wood Royal Commission - a pivotal part of the Underbelly: The Golden Mile story. WHO meets the courageous 46-year-old and discovers what she believes is the lasting legacy of her decision to reveal the truth about her corrupt colleagues ("As a whistleblower, I was trying to do the right thing, and then my son ends up brain-damaged") and tells that many years later she still fears possible retribution.  (click here) to see WHO WEBSITE



Underbelly 3 - The Golden Mile with Deborah Locke - Live Chat

She was one of the first police officers to raise complaints about harassment and police corruption, and now the real Deborah Locke joins readers of The Daily Telegraph to talk about the myths and facts of Underbelly 3 - The Golden Mile. (click here)

See Lelia McKinnon's interview with Deb tonight (31 May, 2010) on A Current Affair,

"...Detective Senior Constable Deborah Locke, characterised as "Deb" in Underbelly, blew the whistle on the webs of illicit money-making and money-taking operated by dozens of NSW detectives. She tells Leila Mackinnon of those dangerous times in her life... and if she really went skinny-dipping with five police colleagues, as portrayed in Underbelly....

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Interview on The Cage, Triple M Brisbane

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You can also listen to an interview with Kym, Ali & Dzelde on Triple M Adelaide

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Interview on 2UE Breakfast with John & Sandy

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Interview with Mike E & Carmela MIX 106.5

Ant & Becks from Mix 106.5

Australian Druglords

Hosted by Gary Sweet, Australian Druglords is a ground-breaking true crime series, with unprecedented access to confidential police files, which takes you inside the secret world of the NSW Police drug squad as they bring down Australia's biggest druglords. (click here) to find out more...


Might be interesting.  Let's see...



WATCHING THE DETECTIVES – 2nd Edition has nearly SOLD OUT.

The Second Edition of ‘Watching the Detective’s’ is selling out quickly.  This is great news for those people who were unable to grab a copy when it was originally published.  The book was so popular it was sold out quickly leaving people with the only option to search for it on eBay. The book has new cover.

Read the Debbie Locke story and get a head start on what will be coming up in Underbelly III in April 2010.


Underbelly is disgraceful, says former judge

CRIME shows such as Underbelly are disgraceful glamorisations of crime and there is nothing admirable about events depicted in them, says the man who led a royal commission on NSW police corruption.

The former Supreme Court judge James Wood said the Channel Nine series and programs like it tended to make guns and violence acceptable and glamorised characters based on people who were nothing but ''hoodlums and thugs''...

April 14, 2010 Sydney Morning Herald



Driven out ... the authors and former police officers Deborah Locke and Glen McNamara outside Kings Cross police station. Photo: Steven Siewert

Dangerous days in the Cross

It was an extraordinary period in Sydney's history, as we will soon be reminded by Underbelly 3. One dark tale that deserves to be much better known is the story of how two police officers did something about the corruption, and the terrible price they paid.

Deborah Locke joined the police in 1984 and began a three-month secondment with the Kings Cross drug squad the next year. She soon realised how things worked: on her way to work in the mornings, the prostitutes on Darlinghurst Road would tell her, "I've already paid sergeant so-and-so today." One of the girls warned her, "Be careful of the blokes you're working with, they are not nice." This proved to be an understatement...

Source: Sydney Morning Herald 7 April, 2010



Women on the edge ... Cheree Cassidy plays Constable Debbie Webb, Emma Booth plays Kim Hollingsworth, Sigrid Thornton plays Gerry Lloyd, Natalie Bassngthwaighte as Maria Haken,Jessica Tovey as Constable Wendy Jones. Source: The Daily Telegraph

Detective Constable Debbie Webb (Locke)

Being a cop is all Debbie Webb (played by Cheree Cassidy) ever wanted to do.  Young, blonde and pretty, she was determined to succeed in life where her alcoholic parents had failed.

When she realises the police officers around her are corrupt and subsequently blows the whistle on them, all hell breaks loose.

"Reading her book, I welled up with tears numerous times," says Cassidy, 27, who met Webb, a consultant on Underbelly 3.

"It's amazing that she came out the other side. I have a lot of respect for her. She is a woman  remarkable courage.  If you didn't love her character and respect her, then you couldn't play it - but I do.

"Battling alcoholism, depression and what she went through and survived is amazing."

Played by Cheree Cassidy

Cassidy was broke, working as a cashier at a cinema chain before she won the role of Webb and has been lauded for her acting talent.  A dancer whose dream of becoming an actress came later than most, she studied at Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts. Her Underbelly role is set to make her a household TV name.


Deborah was recently presented at Parliament House with the  Inaugural Woman of achievement  Award "Service Above Self" This award was presented by Sydney Rotary in recognition for her service to the community through her efforts to uncover Police Corruption, her service in the field of disability services and her present work in relation to domestic violence in her role as Manager of Elsie Women's Refuge.


Emma Booth talks about her role as Kim Hollingworth in the Telegraph

(click here) today. Underbelly  III  will be screening soon.


Watching the Detective’s’ is a major source of material for the latest production in the Underbelly series. Deborah is one of the featured characters that will appear throughout the series as it highlights the events surrounding Kings Cross in the late 1980’s through to about 1996.

Deborah and her husband worked closely with the Screentime writers and producers to assist them with making Underbelly III as authentic as possible.

Underbelly III The Golden Mile


Cheree Cassidy (Debbie Locke) and Andrew Bibby (Greg Locke) on the steeps of Parliament House 2 November, 2009 during the filming of Underbelly III: The Golden Mile.  John Waters portrays Independent MP John Hatton.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the Police more corrupt in NSW?

A: No. It just seems that way because our state has done more to expose crooked cops than any other state through the Wood Royal Commission and the Police Integrity Commission

Q: Aren't Police Internal Affairs the best way to catch corrupt Police?

A: No. IA branches all over this country have time and again demonstrated that they are more concerned with damage control and cover-up that ever exposing widespread entrenched corruption.

Q: Do you think that increasing the powers of the Ombudsman in Victoria will lead to the arrest of more corrupt police?

A: No. The Ombudsman in NSW has had very few successes. Why would the Victorians be any different?

Q: Do you think that there will be a Royal Commission into Police corruption in Victoria?

A: It will never happen. Both sides of the government know that the level of corruption is so entrenched and wide ranging they are too afraid to take action



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