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Author: Deborah Locke
Publisher: ABC Books
Distribution: Harper Collins
First Published: September 2003
Printed by: Griffin Press, Adelaide
Copyright: © Deborah Lee Locke 2003

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UNDERBELLY II - a tale of two cities

The second installment of Underbelly features the stories of Australian criminals Robert Trimbole, Terry Clark, George Freeman, Christopher Dale Flannery and the Kane Brothers.

A generation before the Melbourne Gangland Wars, an even bigger crime wave rocked Australia. Hard drugs hit Australia like a tsunami. Drug money flooded the underworld. With the new money came a new breed of hard men and beautiful women. This is their story...



Author: Glen McNamara

This true story of police corruption and undercover assignments will have you reeling. "

All crime revolves around the financial powerhouse that is the drug trade. And drugs

and paedophilia go together like a hand in a glove."

Glen McNamara joined the NSW Police Force when he was 17 and was sworn in as a constable at 19. A career as a detective beckoned and soon Glen was tracking down the notorious Warren Lanfranchi who was dealing drugs with Neddy Smith, and disgraced cop Roger Rogerson who was making deals in Redfern.

This is Inner Sydney in the heat of the 1980s and the cash and drugs are flowing freely.   

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By Darren Goodsir

The compelling story of the attempted murder in 1984 of undercover policeman Michael Drury exposes deep corruption in the NSW Police Force.

The attempted murder in 1984 of undercover policeman Michael Drury - shot while in his kitchen feeding his baby daughter - has been labelled the 'lowest of low' in Australian criminal annals. The compelling ABC TV mini-series Blue Murder brings this dramatic crime back into the spotlight. The case involves accusations of bribery, widespread corruption, betrayal and collusion and provides a rare insight into the mechanics of police culture. Former Detective-Sergeant Roger Rogerson's part in the affair is documented and reveals the intense struggle for power that existed in the NSW police force. That struggle - the pitting of one kind of policeman against another - has had far reaching consequences.

Written in a pacy style and unfolding like a whodunit, Line Of Fire is a compelling story



by Roger Rogerson

"...In The Dark Side, Rogerson decided to ignore ‘the host of allegations levelled against him: I would stick with what I knew to be the truth… what follows is more a collection of anecdotes, a selected memoir, than an autobiography’..."

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Author: Simon Illingsworth

One man's stand against police corruption and Melbourne's Gangland War.

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Confessions of a Crooked Cop: From the Golden Mile to Witness Protection

Sean Padraic as told by Trevor Haken

Trevor Haken - corrupt cop turned supergrass and now inspiration for UNDERBELLY 3 - tells his story in this explosive book.

Detective Sergeant Trevor Haken was one of the infamous Golden Mile’s most crooked cops. Now he lives in hiding, in a hell of his own creation.

Graduating from small bribes to stealing money and receiving kickbacks from drug dealers, Haken became an informant for the Wood Royal Commission into corruption in the New South Wales Police Service. The Commission’s findings sent shockwaves through the police force and beyond, resulting in the dismissal and resignation of many officers, and the reorganisation of policing in the state.



Blue Murder

"Watching the Detectives" picks up from where BLUE MURDER finishes.

Full of drama, humour and personal experiences. Read truth about the life of BIG CITY DETECTIVES and their links to Sydney's underworld.

Characters include Roger Rogerson, Lennie McPherson, Louis Bayeh plus a raft of former and still serving members of the force including Michael Drury. 





TRUE CRIME by Ester McKay

For fans of real life crime scene forensic investigation check out the books by former NSW Police Woman Esther McKay.

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Author: Greg Callaghan

"...a  gritty compelling look at a series of brutal murders that took place in Sydnel's eastern beachside suburbs in the 1980's - this is the extraordinary story of the crimes, the victims, the gangs and the policeman that refused to close the case. (click here)to order the book.